After Quick Intervention by Durkin/Curran, IDOT Accelerates 159th Street Construction

After recently being notified of delays in construction on 159th Street that could extend into 2020, village officials reached out to their state legislators for assistance.

Less than 24 hours later, State Representative Jim Durkin and State Senator John Curran (both Republicans), were at village hall meeting with Mayor Yukich and village officials.  After being briefed on the adverse effects this delay would have on our community, they immediately began pushing IDOT to accelerate its construction timeline.

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HTRO Statement on the Candidacy of Arthur Jones

The Homer Township Republican Organization and its members, in no uncertain terms, disavow the candidacy of Arthur Jones.  There is no place in the Republican Party for the hateful views espoused by this man.  We explored the potential of having him removed from the ballot, as we did in 2016, but it was clear that he had exceeded the signatures required under state law.  The Homer Township Republican Organization calls on him to withdraw his name from the ballot immediately.

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John Curran selected to replace Senator Radogno

The Republican 41st Senate District Selection Committee announced today the appointment of John Curran to the Office of State Senator for the 41st Senate District of Illinois.

“John Curran will be an excellent State Senator for the 41st District,” said DuPage County GOP Chairman Brian Krajewski. “As the Vice Chairman of the DuPage County Board, John is a strong advocate for fiscal restraint and good government reforms, has deep roots in the community, and knows the pressing issues that southwest suburban residents face.”

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HTRO’s Veteran Flag Exchange Program Announced

The Homer Township Republican Organization is proud to announce a new program in honor of Veteran’s Day.  As a small token of appreciation for the sacrifices made by our local veterans, residents of Homer Township that have served in the armed forces can contact us and we’ll exchange your worn, ripped or tattered U.S. Flag for a new one, free of charge.

The new flags we provide are 3′ x 5′, poly-cotton and made in the U.S.A.  Old flags we collect will be properly disposed of during a ceremony at a local veterans office.  This program is funded through a partnership with Senator Christine Radogno and no taxpayer dollars are used.

To exchange your used American Flag for a new one, please call us at 708-391-0006 or email us at  We will arrange for the drop-off and pick up from your home.

From all of us at HTRO, “Thank You” for your service and sacrifice!

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Be Heard! HTRO Membership Fee Waived for Limited Time!

Please consider joining your neighbors and friends and become a member of the Homer Township Republican Organization (HTRO).  For a limited time, membership is FREE to residents of Homer Township.

As an official member of HTRO, you will be joining a team that ensures that candidates with our shared Republican principles are getting the support system they need to win!

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The History of the GOP

 “We Promise Equal Opportunity, Not Equal Outcomes” – Paul Ryan


The People’s Party


It all started with people who opposed slavery. They were common, everyday people who bristled at the notion that men had any right to oppress their fellow man. In the early 1850’s, these anti-slavery activists found commonality with rugged individuals looking to settle in western lands, free of government charges. “Free soil, free labor, free speech, free men,” went the slogan. And it was thus in joint opposition to human enslavement and government tyranny that an enterprising people gave birth to the Republican Party.

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